Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gendered Harassment in Secondary Schools

Hyperlink: Gendered Harassment in Secondary Schools: Understanding Teacher's
I found this article to be very interesting.  I have to admit this topic and issues concerning harassment due to gender is something I have never given any though too due to the age of the students I work with.  I was quite surprised but could understand the position the teachers took in regards to addressing the issues and following through on disciplinary action or lack there of.  Due to the sensitivity and controversy of the issues I can see where teachers felt they needed a better understanding of the appropriate ways to address all students involved and be formally trained on specific and proper protocols.
" By gaining a better understanding of the complex factors that shape how teachers view and respond to gendered harassment we can work towards more effective solutions to reducing these behaviors in schools".(Meyer)

                   These statistics are alarming!

"Through the process of listening to teachers talk about their experiences with gendered harassment in secondary schools it is clear that it is not possible to create safer and more positive learning environments until school leaders initiate a whole-school process that would transform the formal and informal structures of the school". ( Meyer) 

I found this video and thought it would be interesting  to share, to show the controversial and sensitivity of the challenges that exist when trying to confront such forms of harassment that involve gender issues.
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